Horizontal Machining Cente HMC-630A(B)
  • The ECOM HMC-Series is a horizontal machining center designed specifically for a No. 50 taper spindle, and is ideal for mass production of large workpieces. The machine meets a wide range of machining needs, mainly from the automotive and construction machinery fields. The ECOM HMC-Series accommodates workpieces up to a maximum part capacity of 400~1200kg. All HMC-Series are with an integrated 4th-axis rotary table.
HMC-630A / 630B
Travel X-Axis,Y-Axis,Z-Axis X: 1050, Y: 850, Z: 950mm
Spindle Nose To Pallet 150-1100mm
Spindle Center To Pallet Surface 90-940mm
Table Table Size 630X630mm
Workbench Number 1(OP:2)
Workbench Surface Configuration M16-125mm
The Workbench Maximum Load 1200kg
The Smallest Unit of Setting 1°(OP:0.001°)
Spindle Spindle Taper BT-50
Type Of Driving Belt Type Direct Type Gear head
Spindle RPM 6000 rpm 8000 rpm 6000 rpm
Controller and Motor   0IMF-ß 0IMF-α 0IMF-ß
Spindle Motor 15/18.5 kW (143.3Nm) 22/26 kW (140Nm) 15/18.5 kW (143.3Nm)
X Axis Servo Motor 3kW(36Nm) 7kW(30Nm) 3kW(36Nm)
Y Axis Servo Motor 3kW(36Nm)BS 6kW(38Nm)BS 3kW(36Nm)BS
Z Axis Servo Motor 3kW(36Nm) 7kW(30Nm) 3kW(36Nm)
B Axis Servo Motor 2.5kW (20Nm) 3kW (12Nm) 2.5kW (20Nm)
Feed Rate   0IMF-ß 0IMF-α 0IMF-ß
X. Z Axis Rapid Feed Rate 24m/min 24m/min 24m/min
Y Axis Rapid Feed Rate 24m/min 24m/min 24m/min
X. Y. Z Max.Cutting Feed Rate 6m/min 6m/min 6m/min
ATC Arm Type (Tool to Tool) 30T (4.5 sec)
Tool Shank BT-50
Max. Tool Diameter*Length(adjacent) φ200*350mm(φ105*350mm)
Max. Tool Weight 15kg
Machine Accuracy Positioning Accuracy (JIS) ± 0.005mm / 300mm
Repeat Poitioning Accuracy (JIS) ± 0.003mm
Others Approximate Weight A: 15500kg / B: 17000kg
Floor Space Measurement A: 6000*4600*3800mm
B: 6500*4600*3800mm

Above specification are subject to change without prior notice.
Standard Accessories
Fully-Enclosed Splash Guard
Electrical Cabinet with Heat Exchanger
Work Lamp + Alarm Lamp
High Pressured Coolant & Air Gun
Spindle Air Blast & Coolant Nozzle
Rigid Tapping
Auto Lubrication System
Editable CF Card Function
Portable Hand Wheel (MPG)
Auto interrupt & Power Off System
Leveling Blocks & Screws
Tool & Tool Box
Chip Flushing System
Spindle Coolant System
Screw Type Chip Conveyor+Cart
Operation Manual
Optional Accessories
Air Conditioner for Electrical Cabinet
Chain type ATC-40T (40 taper)
Chain type ATC-60T (40 taper)
Chain type ATC-80T (40 taper)
CTS 30 bar / 50 bar
Heidenhain linear scales for XYZ
Renishaw TS-27R (touch probe)
Renishaw NC4 (laser probe)
Renishaw OMP60 (workpiece probe)
Transformer 30kva
Oil Skimmer
CE standard