Double-Column Machining Center DMC-2142
  • The structures of major components for DMC machining centers have been designed with the finite element method (FEM). We refine our design and improve product quality. 
  • The ECOM DMC provides stability, and power requiring to deliver super-sized precision for meticulous industries such as aerospace, electronics, and automotive.
  • The solid double-column construction ensures greater rigidity and closer tolerances, making this machine well-suited for the efficient machining of general parts and rapid die & mold jobs. ECOM double-column machines deliver repeatedly.
Travel X - Axis Travel 4200mm
Y - Axis Travel 2100mm
Z - Axis Travel 1000mm
Distance between column 2100mm
Working Space 2100X4200X1200mm
Spindle Nose To Table 200-1200mm
Table Table Size 4200x1800mm
T - Slot 22mmx200mmx8T
(22mmx120mm each side for one)
Maximum Table Load 15000kg
Spindle Spindle taper-D mm BT50-190
Type Of Driving Belt Type
Spindle speed 6000rpm
Feed Rate Rapid traverse(X.Y.Z)axis X:20 Y:20 Z:15(m/min)
Cutting feedrate 7000(mm/min)
Type Of Driving X Axis Type Of Driving Belt decelerate(1:2)
Y Axis Type Of Driving Direct type drive
Z Axis Type Of Driving Direct type drive
Automatic tool changer Max.tool length 350mm
Max.tool weight 15kg
Max.tool dia.-(Full tools) Ø110mm
Max.tool dia.-(W/O Adjacent tool) Ø200mm
Motors   0iMF-β 0iMF-α
Spindle Motor 15/18.5kW(143Nm) 18.5/22kW(118Nm)
X Axis Servo Motor 3kW(36Nm) 7kW(30Nm)
Y Axis Servo Motor 3kW(36Nm) 7kW(30Nm)
Z Axis Servo Motor 3kW(36Nm)BS 7kW(30Nm)BS
Cutting fluid Capacity(motor) 300L(1000W)
Hydraulic tank Capacity(motor) 160L(7.5kW)
Machine Accuracy Positioning Accuracy (JIS) ±0.005/300;±0.015/Full travel
Repeat Poitioning Accuracy (JIS) ±0.003mm
Others Pneumatic supply ≧ 6.5Kg/c㎡
Floor Space Measurement 10400X5000X4800mm
Machine weight (approximate) 35000KG

Above specification are subject to change without prior notice.
Standard Accessories
Fanuc 0i-MF controller 10.4" LCD
Leveling screws with blocks
Tool box
Air blast through spindle
Work lamp
Unclamping pedal
Three color light
Auto power off
Auto lubrication system
Rigid tapping
CF card interface
Portable Hand Wheel (MPG)
Spindle coolant system
Heat exchanger for control cabinet
Pneumatic system(not included pneumatic source and tube
High pressure water & air gun
Dual Screw Type Chip Conveyor
Chain Type Chip Conveyor + Cart
System operation and procedures manual
Machine operation Manual
Optional Accessories
FANUC 0i-MF(1) Alpha controller 10.4" LCD
FANUC 0i-MF(1) beta controller 10.4" LCD
BT50 Belt +ZF Gear Head ~ 6000rpm 
BT50 Direct type 8,000rpm
90∘ angular milling head (Manual) / (Semi-automatic)
BT-50 Arm type ATC(24/30T)
BT-50 Chain type ATC(40/60T)
Column raised: 200mm /400mm
Tool length measurement system
Coolant through spindle (24Bar/50Bar)
Disk type oil-water speartor
Auto Door
X/Y/Z Optical scale
Workpiece measuement system
Full splash guard
CE standard
AICC2 (Preview blocks max.200)
Data Server memory capacity 1G
Oil-mist recovery equipment
Oil-mist coolant system
Oil Hole Holder Function
Air conditioner