Process Equipment

The way we do is the reason you trust.

ECOM subject of our mission have a wide range CNC machine center, mainly engaged manufacture and high quality of  vertical machine center and other CNC planer machines, these series of products are suitable for mold and processing fields, the quality has reached the international advanced level

In order to ECOM quality control, ECOM import the best expert and technology from foreign country. Even if, to import the most advanced Planer-type surface grinder (Germany WALDRICH COBURG), CNC horizontal machine center series. (Japan MITSUISEIKI), CNC Planer-type machining center and so on to process our parts. From process to assemble are adopted a whole line pattern, the products quality will be increased the most.

proimages/Process_Equipment/4米龙门磨床-1-1.JPG   proimages/Process_Equipment/4米龙门磨床-2-1.JPG
proimages/Process_Equipment/6米龙门磨床-1-1.JPG   proimages/Process_Equipment/6米龙门磨床-2-1.JPG
proimages/Process_Equipment/卧式加工中心机-1-1.JPG   proimages/Process_Equipment/卧式加工中心机-2-1.JPG
proimages/Process_Equipment/数控龙门铣床-1-1.JPG   proimages/Process_Equipment/数控龙门铣床-2-1.JPG



ECOM promote powerfully internal management, and have been gradually established the tendency which is adopted the market economic, and have been into ISO certification, it is going to standardized management track. Overall strengthening of the company’s management quality. we will insist on the excellent, honest idea and the best service.

A full set of strict quality inspection, laser detection, Ball Bar test, actual cutting performance tests.

                        Laser detection                                                              Ball Bar testproimages/Process_Equipment/Laser-detection.jpg   proimages/Process_Equipment/Ball-Bar-test.jpg                                                         

◎The Laser inspection on all 3 axes eliminates ball screw backlash and provides the optimum accuracy during performance.

◎Ball Bar parameter testing is performed on all machines to ensure precision fine tuning and proportional 3 dimensional accuracy.

◎Every machine will do actual cutting performance tests before shipping.

proimages/Process_Equipment/雷射效果圖-1_s.jpg         proimages/Process_Equipment/循圓效果圖_s.jpg